What's Breaking in Canada's Alternative Music Scene?


Breaking Alt is the weekly "Alternative Specialty" chart that tabulates broadcast and online data from within the alternative music community in Canada. Our primary data is from so called "Specialty Shows" that air on radio stations and from notable music bloggers and podcasters across the country. 

For more than a decade the US music industry has been able to consult a weekly "Alternative Specialty" chart to determine what new records are making a splash in the marketplace. Until 2020 no such chart existed in Canada. Breaking Alt caters to the Alternative radio and music communities with up to the minute details on what's new and hot at Alternative.

"Finally a weekly chart that represents new music that Canadian programmers & tastemakers are showcasing across the country. This should be a great resource in helping each other keep updated, spotting trends and breaking down the walls of our format."

— Mike Religa
“The future of Canadian radio will be built on emerging and independent artists, and it’s long overdue that these amazing acts have their own chart! Much like with our current countdown show, I plan to integrate these charts into our Specialty Show ‘Xposure’ as well.”

— Matt Berry
Finally a chart to help highlight the hidden gems that deserve more attention. Anything that helps to level the playing field is both good for music and good for indies.

— Justin West
“Many listeners’ love of music is rooted in discovery. And nothing excites a music lover more than discovering a hidden gem. As both a music lover and a music programmer, it’s frustrating that many gems can be damn near impossible to expose to a larger audience if they aren’t already making waves on the traditional charts. “Playing it safe” can make a radio station’s role as music curator obsolete.”

— Bryan Capistrano
Having broken The Glorious Sons and JJ Wilde over the last 6 years, we are always looking for ways to help tell our artists' stories in a way that is cohesive and compelling. The Breaking Alt chart gives us an opportunity to point towards new artists and songs in a tangible way. It is our hope that radio programmers and the industry at large will acknowledge the value of this metric as an indicator of what is buzzing and worth deeper consideration.

— Ian Stanger
"There’s just too much music out there for one person to curate on their own. The good news is that there are many, many people who want to do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the next great artist/song/album. By crowdsourcing music boffins, we can get a clear look at what’s really bubbling under. And who doesn’t want to be among the first to learn about The Next Big Thing?"

— Alan Cross

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